3 of my Favorite Productivity Apps

I honestly don’t know what I would do without these three apps. They are my FAVE! As womenpreneurs, mompreneurs, bosspreneurs….entrepreneurs…shall I go on?

We become so busy that we quickly lose control of our organizational habits. If it’s not true for you… it’s true for me. On top of me being a womanpreneur, I have college work I have to deal with, my client’s, family, kids extracurricular stuff, teaching….whoooo (just typing and thinking of all I have going on gives me a headache)….but rest assured, I have many apps to help me stay sane. Thank you GUS for technology!

Here are three of my most fave, and I don’t mind sharing them with you to help you stay organized.


  1. Focus Keeper

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this app! Focus keeper helps you stay focused using a timer. You set your sessions through intervals. I use focus keeper A LOT, especially when I am doing my coursework. You work for 25 minutes; then you take a break for 5. You complete four sessions; then you take a more extended break! Did I mention it’s FREE? They have a paid version too, but the free version works well for me.


My next favorite app is ……

  1. Asana

I use Asana to help me with my blog. Asana lets you create projects, reminders, track and organize all your work. You can put all your work on a board type layout. The FREE version gives you unlimited usage, and you can add up to 15 people to your project. When I don’t have my planner handy to write a blog post topic down or to give it a due date, I quickly put it in Asana, and it will remind me when it’s due. It’s pretty cool. So is the desktop version.


My last go-to-app is ……


  1. Microsoft Word

I am always in my thoughts. I always come up with creative ideas for my business. So, this app is perfect for me. Though I have the notes app on my iPhone, I like how Microsoft Word allows me to type on the go, (even my discussion post for my PSY classes which is a bonus). Once I get on my laptop, my work is already formatted, and now all I have to do is copy and paste my work. The same goes for my blog post. Also, if I started writing at home on my laptop and don’t want to drag it with me, then when I am on the go, I can finish up what I was doing. How cool is that?


You can also grab a FREE copy of my HEY GORGEOUS! Daily planner worksheet below to help aid you in your day-to-day task. Sometimes, it’s just easy to write things down!


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