The 4 Corners of Success

By:  Joye J. Hurling, M.S., B. A.



I am learning that life is a turning bowl of colorful Laffy Taffy (one of my favorite candy choices, by the way) filled with numerous opportunities, a vast number of experiences, a kazillion failures, and everyday lessons.  It is turning because time does not stand still and whether we want to realize it or not, every second of our day counts for something, is moving in a forward direction, and if misused will be the consequence of our non-actions later on down the road.  These non-actions become the regrets in our future, ultimately turning into our current situations.


We talk about the things we want in life, yet do not put ourselves in the positions to receive them. By positions, I mean we are not lined up accordingly in our spirit which, won’t allow us to grow to the next level in our lives. What I’m saying is, there are some character issues you need to get straight before God will bless you to the next phase.  Spiritual growth is quite important to me because I know God is the source of all things and without him, we do not exist. From him, The 4 Corners of Success are derived because he is the creator of all things.


The First Corner of Success is Spiritual Success.  My relationship with God is the most important relationship there is to me.  It took me 30 years to understand that, and I am so glad I finally got it!! He tells me how to navigate myself through the Matrix. Such a troubling place that is… to be in….a place of trying to navigate yourself in the Matrix without him.  I tried that too…not a good look! The lesson, after lesson, after lesson, after lesson! Not the fun ones either.  Once I learned who God was in me…my system navigation became much better! He is light in our hearts!  Don’t try to do it by yourself…you will be a miserable person on the inside without him!  We need the voice and hand of God over our lives to guide us spiritually to survive in this world every day!

The second corner of success is Mental Success.    If you do not have a piece of mind how can you live appropriately?  How can you live to the best of your ability making decisions for yourself without mental stability? What is mental success…one may ask? I feel it is the capacity to maintain executive processing and functioning skills utilizing them intuitively, logically, and strategically to live in this world as a productive citizen in society.  We owe it to ourselves to take care of our minds daily and with that comes putting positive material in it like, music, books, shows, movies, people, and experiences.  Do you really think there is a world that exists without mental accountability? No..way!  Only the strong survive, and that’s mentally! Your mind drives your body!


Another corner of success is Physical Success.  We never truly realize how important our health is until it declines tremendously!  I had a taste of this myself a few years ago.  I had emergency surgery on my small intestine December 2014 (small bowel obstruction)…my entire world changed.  I was in the hospital for six days, gained 20 lbs, and was in a substantial amount of pain.  I could barely walk to the kitchen in my house, let alone sprint down the hill. It took all the spiritual and mental energy I had to drive myself to walk to the mailbox, to walk to the house next door, to do things to get myself well again. I was determined. If your body won’t listen to your brain signals to move in a progressive motion, how can you get anything done?  Impossible…right? Yes. The action is what distinguishes the talkers from the doers! Now, which one are you?  Are you a go-getter…or do you only listen to all the videos, take notes, but do not act on them right away or in some instances – even at all?  I can say I have been that person! There are times we all have a down moment…where we feel like we just are not going to make it. That is when you must tighten up your, “head (mental) game so that it can push your feet (physical) game!”  Do you see how all the corners are connected and one can’t function to its optimal level without the other functioning at its optimal level? Now, they will function if you have them all connected…but if you want to elevate to a higher level…you need to be operating at that higher level.  This takes me to my last and final corner of success, Financial Success.   


Ultimately, Financial Success is what we all desire. To be able to do what we want to do no matter the cost when we want to do it. Well, that’s what I want to be able to do!! Financial prosperity is a happy place.  It allows you the freedom to create more choices for yourself, your loved ones, and others. It provides you with the capital to travel, see the world, and explore.  That’s what living is all about.  Navigating this experience called, Life while enjoying it most of the time!! Yes! With God all things are possible! He is what makes this square complete! I know that there are individuals who may not believe in God and appear to have financial prosperity….but remember…that’s Only one corner of the square.  True financial success is when you can give back! When you can take care of yourself, live your dreams monetarily, and give to others in need! Keeping God in the center and first in your heart…is how the square stays together.


Understanding that without God I am not complete has guided me to where I am today.  I am not an individual who goes to church every Sunday, Wednesday or Thursday….I do not sing in the choir nor do I serve on the usher board, and if you do nothing is wrong with that, I just don’t want to give off the impression as this religious holy roller because that is not me by any means.  I consider myself a spiritual person who has an Awesome relationship with God.  Growing my relationship with God has been one of the best things I could have done for myself…because it is within this relationship that the 4 Corners of Success have been explained, shown, and made known to me.  Experiencing one corner while lacking one of the others is not a complete square.  We must be patient with ourselves and know that growth is an everlasting process.  As long as we attempt to increase ourselves positively with God while treating people right…our squares will be complete. Success looks different to all of us, stay true to what it looks like to you and watch your square fill up!


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