Dear Goddess



By: Kristal McEwen








My Dear Beautiful Goddess,

Let go of your self-sabotaging doubts.

You were born for such a time as this. 

The Universe is aching to give you the desires of your heart.

Pick up your downcast stare and look toward the skies, greatness is calling.

The world needs you. Needs your reality.

Needs to hear your words, see your art, hear your music.

I need you, we all need you.  The world needs you.

You are significant.  Someone needs your truth in their lives….

We are all better together.

Share what only YOU can share…

There is no one else in this ENTIRE Universe that has seen the world through your eyes.

Be uniquely you…

The things you are drawn to, the things that make you FEEL something, DO those things.

Find your True North….

That still small voice inside, that giant hurricane of emotion, listen to them.  They are your compass.

Stop talking yourself out of your greatness…

You are amazing.  Just the way you are, right now, at this very moment.

Stop filling your days with doubt….

There is no room for doubt.  There is only room for love, room for action.

Get out of the way…

You are the ONLY person that can block the way.  Not your past, not your circumstances, not your partner, not your friends, no one.  The only one stopping you is you.

Every day get one step closer to the person you want to be….

Be the love, be the change, be you. 

Just you….

Make no apologies have no shame.  You have a divine right to take up space on this planet. 

Stand your ground…and always be…

Bravely, uniquely, beautifully you. 



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