Mind & Body Enthusiast, Developmental Interventionist, Poet, Author, and founder of The Hurling Consulting Group, whose mission is to empower individuals and families through the alignment of fusing their minds with their bodies focusing on achieving optimal mental and physical health for overall wellness  Joye seeks to support individuals in elevating to the highest level of their potential. She has earned her Master’s of Science in Psychology with a focus in Applied Developmental Psychology from Clayton State University and a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication with a concentration in Print Journalism from Clark Atlanta University. Through the use of creative approaches, Joye raises self-awareness acknowledging the power of choice, which aids in support of individuals fusing their mind with their bodies. With hopes of ultimate philanthropy in the future, Joye continues to expand and grow networking with other positive like-minded women.



A self-made entrepreneur, Life Coach, Youth Mentor, Writer, and founder of The Womanpreneur Within, a place where women can learn, connect, and discover their real purpose –  Shawanna Harris, has a passion for guiding and helping women and is naturally drawn to influencing others through compassion and understanding. After being a stay at home mom for over ten years, she realized she was great at more than being a mother and wife.  Tapping into her true innate desires led her to guide friends and family through conversations about relationships, financial circumstances, business, and self-image. Those conversations turned into positive outcomes based on her direction and feedback, which inspired her to become a certified Life Coach and Advisor!  Shawanna is currently pursuing her Bachelors of Science in Psychology with hopes of becoming a therapist focusing on children, families, and mental illness, she continues to recreate herself.   Walking in her divine purpose has brought her to where we are today.