You Were Born For Such A Time As This.





I get it, and I am still working my way through this phase. The phase we experience where we talk to ourselves and say things like, “I am not good enough,” “no one will take me seriously,” or “I need to have this or that first.”  I am here, to be frank, and call it all BULL…. because it is fear and self-doubt speaking. You know, the words that come in-and-out of our minds when we begin to start seeking out our calling in life? It is our most inner fears that are saying to us “change is scary.” Truth be told, it is, but it is only scary for a moment.

Change for me means that I have to step into the unknown and do the things that I have dreamed of doing but, never actually done. I confess that I am shy and that my shyness seems to want to overpower who I am, and my mission in life…. this has been going on for way too long! When I was younger, I remember how at church they would sing happy birthday to me, and I would cry, for what? I have no clue; maybe this is where the deeply rooted fears of moving forward are coming from.

As I was sipping my tea the other day and gazing at the beautiful fall leaves in my front yard, I realized just as the leaves are falling, the trees are preparing for a new season of Life and in that moment I concluded that it is time to liberate myself from this thing called fear, step out of my comfort zone and release my magic! Dreaming big and taking action goes beyond our fears, beyond the borders of what people will think of you and the freeing of those self-sabotaging thoughts.

You know how you just know that you were born to do great and wonderful things? To change the world through the capacity at which you hold?  Each of us has magic to release from within and help others through the power of our authentic self. I know that I have arrived at this pentacle in my life. This stage of my life reminds me of the scripture found in Esther 4:14 where it says: “You were born for such a time as this.” What I like to do is insert my name before the word “you” and look at myself in the mirror and say it. It sounds a little something like this: Shawanna, you were born for such a time as this!

*Now, do the same with your name!

Seasons come, seasons change, trust and know when it is your timing. You will begin to flow and see how things fall into your hands automatically. If there’s a strong pull on your life, a mission, and purpose to fulfill, then the world needs you, for you were born for such a time as this. My best advice is to follow your heart, reach your desires and stomp fear in the face!

Don’t Make Change too Complicated, Just Begin!

Remember, You have dreamt it, you have felt it and now is the time to walk in that divine knowing and activate the calling on your life. The only way to combat fear is JUST to BEGIN….RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE! Take that business idea and write up your plan. Set small target goals so that you will be in the rhythm of what it feels like.




If you do not know where to start, you can download my free ebook that will help you at discovering how you can start walking in your divine right today! I know what it feels like to not have direction and I want to help as many women as possible!

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