My Husband Quit his Job!


Last month my husband quit his job as a supervisor. He was with that company for 13 years.

Chris has always had a go-getter mentality, drive, eagerness, and ambition of being his own boss. I am thrilled that he took this huge, scary, but yet exciting jump to change his life and the life of his family.

Not clocking in on someone else’s time and working when you want to is the dream I believe we all want, but most of the time we are afraid. So, what more did it take besides the go-getter mentality, the drive, eagerness, and ambition that made him quit his 9-5 job?

Well, first he wanted it. So you must want it. You must want to be the best version of yourself. By being the best version of  “YOU”….FEAR cannot and shall not be your excuse. Everything is scary or risky at first, I get that, but you will never know that until you JUMP. Take that leap of Faith and do what you know is best for you. If it is a burning desire of yours to start your own business, then you should go for it. Calculate the cost but don’t dwell on the fear. Fear is the destroyer of all dreams!


Secondly, he had my support. You must have a support system.   I always knew that my husband wanted to do his own thing. It’s been his passion, mission, and purpose for many years. When he finally came to me stating that he has made up his mind about quitting his job, I must admit, I was a little shocked. I was working on building my empire, and I didn’t have much of my own income coming in at the time to help supplement, so imagine how much fear tried to creep in (keyword: tried). But I supported my husband the best way I knew how. Through encouragement, upbuilding and continuing with my own endeavors. Everyone will not support your decisions, and those types of people, in my opinion, should go on the unfriend list because that kind of thinking is the same reason why people are stuck at a 9-5 and are unhappy. If you ever think about starting something new or taking a different journey in life, please surround yourself with people who care for you and love to see you win. Those are the folks you take with you to the top!

Chris had the chance to read my new eBook the other night for the very first time, and he was amazed at the 7 steps that I listed on how I found my purpose in life. He admits to a few steps that he should follow but honestly believe that we are both well on our way to living our dreams. If you would like to discover the 7 steps I walked to finding my divine right and purpose, you can download your copy of my eBook and enjoy the thought-provoking questions at the end, as well as a 30 day, walk this way challenge that will have you living out your truth in no time!


Today starts our new journey of Freedom, Prosperity, and Living!

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