Easy Money: We created well over $20,000 in just one Month! 

                                                        It’s true! My Husband and I Manifested well over our normal income. We brought in over $20,000 alone in just one month and that’s not including Blue money. (I’ll explain what that is later!) It’s not a secret formula, we just learned how to play the game of life. It took work and following the flow to effortlessly creating and YOU can do it too!

  Here are the simple steps we used to up our income:

  • We lived in Gratitude every day. (You can find out more about Gratitude in my eBook). Every day was a day of thankfulness for us. We shifted our entire paradigm into being grateful for all that we had.

  • We kept track of every penny. From tips (some very huge ones), side jobs, money that we found, and checks that came in the mail that we had no clue about. Even bonuses and direct deposits! Talk about effortlessly!!

  • For an entire month, we never focused on lack. Because we know that there’s an abundance for us, and if there was any lack, we didn’t notice it.

     The money began to flow from every direction. Yes, some of the money came from work, but a huge amount was created quickly and effortlessly! It’s so simple!

    Would you like to create more money flow into your life?

    #1 Live in Gratitude

     #2 Keep Track of ALL money that is coming in. Even money that you found or that was given to you or your spouse.


*(Operate on a budget, more about the importance of budgeting your income stream will be introduced in a future post.)






  #3 Don’t focus on what you don’t have. As soon as you bring your focus to lack, the onset of worrying, unexpected bills, and negative thought patterns proceed.

Here’s a story about that…

     About two months ago, I was in a rush to get to the Insurance office. I was meeting with my director because we had clients to see together. Well, that Morning after I dropped my daughter off at school and grabbed some breakfast from Chick-fa-La, as I was leaving out of the drive through into the intersection, my car and a few other cars got stopped by a school bus. (Well I thought I had passed it before the stop sign came out!). I followed the truck that was in front of me who passed the school bus also. Low and behold, a month later I got a bill in the mail for a $350 fine! I looked at the video and yep, that was my silver BMW…yep, that was my tag number, and yep, I was passing the school bus as soon as the stop sign was coming out. I can’t recall what book I read that talked about unexpected bills and things come our way when we worry (esp. about our bills), complain (about the bills), and that when we live life without gratitude those things show up in our lives. I was already complaining that entire week and the week before that about what I didn’t have and a previous hospital bill. So, I told this story to say, that unexpected bills showed up in my experience because I was operating from a place of lack and ungratefulness. No, I didn’t want to pay a $1,000 hospital bill, but why not? They did offer me a service. Those Doctors have to feed their families, they have to pay off their education for the knowledge they used to service my need. My whole point….be mindful of your thoughts. You can’t walk in abundance if all you ponder on is what you don’t have! There’s plenty for everyone and there’s some money that’s waiting to be released to you. My advice…. GO WITH THE FLOW!



              “You can be sure that God will take care of everything you need, his generosity exceeding even yours in the glory that pours from Jesus”. Philippians 4:19 MSG



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