Seizing My Opportunity For Growth

  From a Fixed Mindset to a Growth Mindset

By: Shawanna Denise


As a young child, I enjoyed reading. I was the girl who you always seen immersed in a book. I reached high school that desire changed. I was no longer interested in reading or obtaining added knowledge. I entertained myself with partying and having fun with my friends. Yes, going to college was in the back of my mind, but there was never desire to aim for it. After my husband and I were married and started a family, we both began to realize how valuable knowledge was and from there I was determined to develop myself personally, invest my time in teaching others about growth mindset, and to start off as a life coach, and eventually a psychotherapist

Personal development to me is a lifelong process. It never ends. Personal growth allows me to set my goals, maximize my potential, and determine my skills. It’s empowerment. My parents didn’t have a lot of money, but I do believe that some of our struggles were all in the way we thought. What I’ve learned and know now that we had was a fixed mindset. As I’ve gotten older, I begin to recognize the talents within me and the skills I possessed. It was never about a growth mindset for me until I develop those abilities through constant repetition and effort. To improve myself now personally, I listen and read a lot of self-help books, business books, and articles to add value to myself. In doing so, I intentionally take hold of my mind so that it will grow. Anyone can be smart if they read and be persistent.

As I learn and continue to grow, I want to equip others. If you have the resources and knowledge to change someone’s life, why not share it? I would like first to invest more of my time into my children. I feel that teaching them the things that I was not informed will benefit them greatly. I want them to know that our everyday choices determine what we get out of life.  I realize that everything isn’t taught in the education system and that most knowledge comes from within; following our intuitions. So every Thursday night my family and I get together, and we discuss life’s issues, things about money that’s not taught in our schools, how to be an entrepreneur, motivation, and self-development. I enjoy getting newspapers and doing vision boards with them. The same things that we discuss as a family and I read about; I pass the information onto my friends because they are of my inner circle, I would like for them too to have an enriching mindset also.  I recommend books, and they may do the same. Therefore, what they offer to me brings further enlightenment, and in the process, I am seizing every opportunity to grow my mindset.

I look to the future in hopes to becoming a Psychotherapist helping people with mental issues and that the path of counseling will get me there. Being in college and studying Psychology sets the stage for me to be able to learn more and grow more. I don’t know it all; it’s a continued adventure. I look to help others through this process. In the meantime, being a Coach/Advisor allows me to build valued relationships with my clients by helping them to master their life’s challenges and purpose. I can only do this when I first learn my mindset growth and choices. It has always been my desire to help others.

To bring my childhood love of reading back into motion and continued knowledge to assess my talents and skills, I find that developing myself personally through books, and videos help to keep my mind active. When I am equipping and sharing with others what I’ve learned creates a habit and embeds the information into my subconscious mind, and my desire to use my knowledge and learning in a way that I can mentor others through challenges they face and helping them with their life purpose. Those things can only get done when I choose to forget how I’ve learned in the past, but living in the now, to seize every opportunity I get to grow my mindset!



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